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Ethno Soul

Born in the heart of Andalusia, the cradle of flamenco and joy of live, Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) and mother of 3 beautiful daughters.

She is África Nieves, a true warrior, guardian of ancestral wisdom and co-founder of the Ecovillage project Casa Los Guindales. Her bond with Mother Earth is as deep as the roots of the majestic oaks and chestnut trees she lives surrounded by. Africa is above all Fire and Earth, an energetic and luminous fire in continuous movement and expansion, capable of purifying and transforming everything she touches and a fertile and strong Earth that generates life and medicine.

My first encounter with her was made of air and fire. A fire that helped me burn old emotions to let new ones flourish and fresh air that made me act without fear and with certainty of purpose. Her energetic cleansing ceremonies have been magical moments for me. Moments of deep union with the spirit of Mother Earth and of infinite gratitude.

África can you tell us a little bit about your origins?

I was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), granddaughter of land-loving farmers. I have three beautiful daughters and I am a woman on a journey, an apprentice in the relations between human beings and the powers of Nature. Above all, I define myself as a formator of human values for self-knowledge and a sustainable relationship with Mother Earth.

You are the co-founder of an Ecovillage named Los Guindales, how did this project come about?

It is a project that was born 16 years ago out of a dream to walk this Earth as human beings, researching, studying and practicing for the cultural recovery of this territory and specifically of the existing relationship of women with Nature and its mysteries as caretakers of Life.

Tell us a little more about the Ecovillage and its projects?

Los Guindales is a joint effort in which two interdependent projects coexist. The Casa Los Guindales and the bioconstruction school. We share a natural ecosystem in the middle of an edible forest in the Genal Valley, in the area of Algatocín, as well as a set of values in favour of the revaluation of rural knowledge, emotional maturity, mutual help, solarity, autonomy and self-management.

At Finca Los Guindales you are driven by your own permaculture design. Could you define for us what permaculture means to you?

I define permaculture as a set of knowledge that allows us to make our lives socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. I understand it as a culture that remains in time, specific and unique in each territory, but it shares some essential elements for life in general, such as water, food, shelter, health, interpersonal relationships and the powers of Nature. At the same time, it integrates the innovations of social reality, such as new technologies.

Is the project accessible to anyone interested?

Our project is open as much to people who live in the urban environment as to all those who are interested in creating their own group or family projects in the rural environment in a sustainable way.  We offer visits and accommodation and participation in workshops, as well as volunteer learning experiences.

What kind of individual or group experiences do you offer at Casa Los Guindales?

We offer individual consultations, conferences, workshops and retreats. Some of our consultations include energetic cleaning and flowering, phytotherapy and plant alchemy and natural gynecology among others. Honoring our ancestors, directing our paths and dedicating ourselves to future generations is a responsibility we have in these times, more than ever as human beings. Reconnecting with the mystery of life and our sacred feminine are the purposes that guide us.

What future vision do you have for the project?

To share our experience and knowledge with future generations, and to serve life by caring for people and nature. For example, promoting biodiversity in our forests or guiding women through their various life processes.

And you, how do you want to evolve further?

I wish to continue growing as a person emanating from my heart gratitude, joy and health.

Thank you, África, for sharing your wisdom and passion for healing people and nature with so much love and light.

Your friendship and your smile are among the best gifts life has given me.

It is a great honor for me to know you as the protagonists of my new collection and to be able to support your amazing project.

Maria del Mar Romero

We would like to support the Casa Los Guindales project to continue their development efforts in the ecovillage by expanding the medicinal garden, such as promoting the biodiversity of medicinal plants, building a pond to create an aquatic ecosystem with different types of flora and fauna, and installing a distillation plant to extract ethereal oils and fruit essences.

For each item sold from the Ethno-Soul collection, we donate 10% directly to the Los Guindales.


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