Misolei was founded with the purpose to create unique jewelry and accessories, defined by their emotional value ​​and individual charisma.

But it is also our commitment for a shift toward a sustainable mindset because we believe that true luxury is expected not only to look fabulous but also to be environmentally and socially responsible.


The Story Behind


My Story

I was born and grew up in Málaga Spain.

Since 1992 I live and work in Munich.

For the last 20 years, I have been working in the area of ​​Interior Designs. Working with high-quality materials and exclusive products, gave me the opportunity to refine my personal style and inspired me to develop my own business.

I started to design my first collection in 2015, which was the cornerstone of the Misolei brand. Since then, I have devoted myself to my passion for discovering beautiful vintage treasures and reinventing them as unique pieces of jewelry.

Designing and creating handmade jewelry is my work and passion. Since my early childhood I loved to combine different materials and colors to create unique pieces.

The passion to create something with my own hands and the love for craftsmanship has shaped me all my life.


Maria del Mar Romero


inspired by nature

Each creation of Misolei is unique and a homage to the beauty and the spirit of nature.

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